Date: 7/10/2014

"Dii Wellness Med Spa together with The Nomad, Travel & Lifestyles show invites 14 Foreign Ambassadors & spouses in Thailand and V.I.P. media to celebrate the launch of Dii, at Central Embassy".

For Immediate Release

7th October 2014

Time Reversal

Dii Wellness Med Spa, Divana's latest addition to its world renown and award winning spas by Pattanapong Ranuraksa and Taneth Jiraswakedelok together with The Nomad, Varin Sachdev's Travel & Lifestyles show on TNN 24 and Radio Thailand invites Foreign Ambassadors in Thailand and V.I.P. media to celebrate the launch of Dii, at Central Embassy.

Dii Wellness Med Spa, Divana's flagship medical spa at the up-market complex Central Embassy, is designed to make you look and feel younger through a range of cutting-edge medical and aesthetic treatments. The imagination runs wild upon stepping into Dii (which is abbreviated from Divana, integration and innovation). If the gravity could be switched off, then it feels pretty much like outer space, where the infinity of time and space begins. That's only part of the thrill of an otherworldly spa experience here.

With its team of doctors, beauty gurus and spa therapists, Dii leverages the twin forces from opposite poles in nature and life to create short cuts to health and youthfulness: relaxation and curve, nature and technology, traditional and modern and mind and body.

Dii bases its code of wellness on the delicate balance of the DNA double helix, the foundation for life and the epitome of balanced beauty. This structure of a twisted ladder, or a spiral staircase, marks Dii's medical icon as well as Divana's new role in a high-tech anti-aging world.

Dii draws on medical innovations to complement the more traditional Oriental healing techniques based on the use of organic, natural products. A doctor takes into consideration a guest's diet, lifestyle and medical history before dispensing a treatment program of interest. Medical treatments (assisted by a doctor) are divided into three main categories: anti-aging, detoxification and white aura and brightening. In the case of wellness therapies (no consultation with a physician needed), the focus is on recovery, cure distressing, relaxation and the balancing of body and mind. The goal is inner calm and wellbeing.

The evening was presided over by H.E. Ms. Ana Maria Ramirez Ambassador of Argentina in Thailand, H.E. Mr. Enno Drofenik Ambassador of Austria in Thailand, H.E. Mr. Marc Michielsen Ambassador of Belgium in Thailand, H.E. Mr. Kesang Wangdi Ambassador of Bhutan in Thailand, H.E. Mr. Gilberto Fonseca GuimarĂ£es de Moura Ambassador of Brazil in Thailand, H.E. Mr. Javier Becker Marshall Ambassador of Chile in Thailand, H.E. Mr. Andelfo Jose Garcia Gonzalez Ambassador of Colombia in Thailand, H.E. Mr. Mark Kent Ambassador of United Kingdom in Thailand, H.E. Mr. Rolf Peter Gottfried Schulze Ambassador of Germany in Thailand, H.E. Mrs. Jocelyn S. Batoon-Garcia Ambassador of the Philippines in Thailand, H.E. Mr. Simon Roded Ambassador of Israel in Thailand, H.E. Mr. Chukwudi Newington Okafor Ambassador of Nigeria in Thailand, H.E. Mr. Philip Calvert Ambassador of Canada in Thailand, H.E. Ms. Christine Schraner Burgener Ambassador of Switzerland in Thailand and their spouses.

Dii Wellness Med Spa is located at Central Embassy, Shop L4-02, 4th floor, 1031 Ploenchit Rd., Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330 Tel : +66 2 160 5850-1 BTS : Ploenchit E-mail : contact@dii-divana.com www.dii-divana.com

For more information contact:

Latchana Kongdee (Nueng)

Tel: 081 402 9253

Email: latchanana@gmail.com