Heavy Metal Test

The test is important for measuring toxic metals that can impede development and normal brain functioning, as well as measuring levels of minerals essential for normal growth and good health. Toxic metals, such as mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium and others, can affect development, neurological functioning and overall health.

Bht 2,800+


Energy Bio Body Scan

Health status assessment and control measurement treatment efficiency, Modern research method of heart rhythms make it possible to demonstrate with mathematical precision the processes of accumulation and consumption of energy by our body's organs. Result can be explain in both energy medicine of Indian "Chakra" and Chinese "Meridians".

Bht 5,000+


Delayed Food & Inhalant Allergic Test (70/221 Types)

The test for delayed food and inhalant allergy uses a tiny amount of blood sample from your fingertips, which can be drawn without undergoing fasting, to accurately determine the causes of allergic symptoms. Apart from providing prevention of future allergies, doctors will recommend integrated medical treatment to strengthen and revitalize the body's immunization system while minimizing chemical substances.

Bht 8,000+ / 25,000+


Chromosome Age test (Telomere test)

A telomere test is a blood test that measures the length of telomeres, the protective structures located at the tips of chromosomes. The test is intended to reveal a person's biological age, the age a person shares with most people of similar physiology

Bht 10,000+


Gene Nutrition Screening

Individual genetic variation is considered to modify diet-gene interactions and thus individual nutritional requirements. Therefore, this test will be involved in establishing DNA-driven, individual oriented therapeutic options, also introducing the possibility of personalized nutrition for management of chronic diseases such as Metabolic Syndrome, a combination of medical disorders that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Bht 35,000+


Gene Total Health Screening

This test offer you the possibility to determine well in advance your carrier status for any of the 150 genetic diseases we test for when you plan a pregnancy and a new family! Early testing allows prevention of needless suffering. Do not start a journey into the unknown without knowing where you are going.

Bht 42,000+


Premium Nutri-Health Screening

This premium Gene package can give you an appraisal of your personal genetic risk for more than 50 complex diseases, multifactorial conditions like heart diseases, many cancers (breast, colon, leukemia, lung and prostate among others), diseases of the central nervous system (Alzheimer, Parkinson) and the digestive tract as well as autoimmune diseases so that together with your doctor can initiate meaningful discussions about how non-genetic factors like nutrition, exercise and environment impact on your health and plan lifestyle changes that by adhering to you can help yourself to prevent loss of health.

Bht 50,000+

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