Exclusive Spa Signature

Empress of the Sea

Empress of the SeaBody

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Anti Age Golden Pearl Body Scrub / Detoxify Aromatic Steam / Juventide Concentrated Body Collagen / Placenta Meso Skin Therapy / Redio Frequency Ultra Body Lifting Champagne Foam Anti Age Body Soak / Dead Sea Purity Ocean Bath


Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio-detox Facial Cleansing / Juventide Immortal Mesotherapy / Accupressure Facial Detox Massage / Redio Frequency Ultra Lifting / Aquamarine Ice Stone Face Lift / Skin Repair Facial Sensitive Mask

This deluxe anti-ageing therapy benefits the entire body from head to toe, resulting in a charismatic glow akin to that of the Empress of the Sea. An electroporation procedure aids the penetration of the peptide serum (juventide obtained from starfish) into the mesoderm. The remedial properties of Andaman peptides are massaged to restore radiance and elasticity. A non-invasive radio frequency skin tightening treatment rewards you with that perfect toned-up, lifted look and invigorated cells. Pure pampering isn't complete without a champagne bath that nourishes, a golden pearl scrub for brighter skin and an aquamarine ice stone facial to minimise flabby spots and stimulate that "forever young" state of well-being.

300 mins / Bht 22,500+

Andaman La Lunar

Andaman La LunarBody

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / White Pearl Glowing Body Scrub / Detoxify Aromatic Steam / O2 Hydradermabrasion Sensitive Peel / Juventide Concentrated Body Collagen / Marine Enzyme Mega Boost Body Mask / Detox Infrared Body Cocoon


Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio-detox Facial Cleansing / Microdermabrasion Ultra Peeling / Juventide Immortal Mesotherapy / Accupressure Points Facial Detox / Aquamarine Ice Stone Face Lift / Placenta Thermal Reju Mask

This lavish, purifying therapy combines the bountiful beauty boosters from under the turquoise ocean with the latest in aesthetic medicine to create a totally pampering experience that's like a snooze in the undersea cocoon of a caring oceanic empress. The process pays off with a luscious aura. The entire body benefits from a comprehensive body treatment and a brightening facial to whip up the ultra glow. Aside from the main staples of Dii's signature therapy (a red marine algae body scrub, aromatic steam and massage), the process incorporates an O2 hydradermabrasion technique to exfoliate the top layer of the skin, open blocked pores and activate luminosity. The brightening properties of concentrated juventide body collagen (containing Andaman peptide serum) are then massaged to stimulate luminosity and circulation. The luxurious facial that follows adds a perfect glow and ensures deep skin relaxation through a juventide mesotherapy to improve elasticity and the amazing aquamarine ice stone facelift for pure bliss.

270 mins / Bht 18,500+

Ayurveda Black Marine

Ayurveda Black MarineBody

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Black Jade Healing Therapy / Airnergy O2 TreatmentJuventide Collagen Warm Compress / Shirodara & Hair Treatment & Scalp Massage Red Marine Algae Mega Boost Hair Retreat / Authentic Herbal Steam


Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio-detox Facial Cleansing / Marine Enzyme Facial ScrubBlack Jade Stone Energetic Treatment / Aquamarine Ice Stone Face Lift / Placenta Thermal Reju Mask

This unique pick-me-up represents Dii's magical mantra of spiritual calm inspired by the Oriental healing wisdom. The treatment rebalances and revitalises at a cellular level by tapping the restorative power of heated black jade massage. A superior state of bliss is attained through an ancient Ayurvedic healing technique called Shirodara: warm medicated oils are poured onto the third eye. The procedure keeps every organ energised and in balance. Along with a detoxifying oxygen infusion, skin rejuvenation is stimulated with a juventide collagen massage. Top it all off with an aquamarine quartz facial that enhances circulation and tones up skin. You emerge with a sense of youthfulness and gentle lustre.

240 mins / Bht 15,500+

Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering

Ayurveda Black Marine

Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner} {Organic Tanaka Body Cover & Sericin Silk Thread Spinning} {Organic Milky Compress} {Organic Honey & White Pearl Body Scrub} {Organic Mulberry Detoxify Steam} {Organic Silk & Korean Ginseng Warm Oil Body Massage} {Golden Silk Moisturizing Facial Mask} {Organic Golden Cocoon Luminous Bath}

From the priceless beauty of Thai silk to the ultimate luxury of natural skin nourishment. Thai silk is endowed with beneficial properties. Golden silk thread is rich in protein while the mulberry leaves, contain significant vitamins. The golden cocoons contain a total of 18 essential silk amino acids good for hair and skin. A treatment regime that nourishes and restores your skin to its natural beauty. The program brings back moisture balance and subtle radiance, leaving skin smooth, healthy-looking and reinvigorated. "Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering" is the ultimate luxury best enjoyed in a carefree afternoon.

210 mins / Bht 6,950+

Spa Signature

Juventide Immortal

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Detoxify Aromatic Steam / Immortal Juventide Collagen Body Massage / Peptide Placenta Meso Skin Therapy

People have longed for immortal beauty, and in the spa world, juventide is recognised for its superior anti-ageing power. This smart treatment sets out to return an empress-like, fresh-faced aura to your life. The process combines an oxygen infusion of the placenta peptide serum into the skin to energise cells. A full body massage with the Andaman peptide serum instills a gentle glow and luminosity in you.

120 mins / Bht 8,900+

Andaman Aura

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Aromatic Steam / O2 Hydratherapy Senstive Peel / Immortal Juventide Collagen Body Serum

This unique full body treatment makes you feel like a ruling empress emerging from a cocoon from under the turquoise ocean – complete with a regal aura. This skin nourishing therapy targets your internal system by utilising the Andaman peptide serum to create luminosity as well as an oxygen spray procedure to open blocked pores and brighten skin.

120 mins / Bht 8,500+

Black Marine Airnergy

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Authentic Herbal Steam Black Jade Healing Therapy / Juventide Collagen Warm Compress / Airergy O2 Treatment 20

This restorative treatment focuses on spiritual well-being: you get close to spiritual calm, inner peace and balance. Based on a traditional Oriental healing technique, the session extols the virtues of achieving physical wellbeing and beauty from within. Coupled with the latest in medical technology, the treatment combats the main causes of ageing efficiently through a spell in an herbal steam room for detoxification as well as a hot black jade massage to improve the circulation and invigorate the cells. A dose of oxygen infusion further detoxifies and revitalises. You won't leave without a juventide collagen massage for supreme skin nourishment.

120 mins / Bht 7,900+

Exclusive Massage Signature

Aquarius Aromatic Therapy

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Organic Aromatic Massage / O2 Hydradermabrasion

The ultimate pick-me-up harmonises body and mind through an organic aromatic massage using warm organic essential oils that work wonders to your skin. The therapy incorporates the "airnergy" system, or a hydradermabrasion procedure to encourage the penetration of oxygen into deeper layers of skin. In just a nap, free radicals get booted out, tension is released and the aches disappear.

120 mins / Bht 5,500+

Airnergy De-Stress

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Organic Anti Stress Massage / Airnergy O2 Treatment

Say good-bye to stress with this organic de-stressing massage that's perfect for the insomniac and the weary soul as it stimulates a profound sense of relaxation and calm, emotionally and physically. The "airnergy" procedure helps with the penetration of pure oxygen and rids your body of accumulated stress and fatigue. The experience inspires a sense of well-being from the inside out.

90 mins / Bht 3,500+

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Lymphatic Drainage Massage / Super Detox Body Cocoon

Additional detoxification technique for Lymphatic drainage, Detox massage is another method, combination with warm infrared cocoon; enhance the result for truly detoxification for holistic system.

90 mins / Bht 3,500+

Facial Signature Treatment

Juventide Immortal Anti-age

Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio-detox Aqua Facial Cleansing / O2 Hydradermabrasion Skin Peel / Juventide Immortal Facial Bright Massage / Aquamarine Ice Stone Face Lift / Placenta Thermal Reju Mask

This luxurious, complex signature facial is a truly effective anti-ageing trilogy. First a hydradermabrasion procedure gently peels off dead cells on the epidermis while oxygenating skin. A juventide immortal facial massage combines the peptide serum (a natural retinol formula obtained from starfish) with the fluid rhythmic movements to reduce the appearance of fine lines and brighten skin. An aquamarine ice stone facelift completes the three-part process by targeting specific dull spots to improve skin elasticity, tone and shape. This is the superior facelift that works its magic on ageing skin and delivers the results so close to eternal beauty.

80 mins / Bht 5,500+

Juventide Ultra Lift

Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio-detox Facial Cleansing / Juventide Immortal Mesotherapy / Acupressure Facial Detox Massage / Redio Frequency Ultra Lifting / Aquamarine Ice Stone Face Lift /Skin Repair Facial Sensitive Mask

This luxurious signature facial harnesses the magic of medical technology to provide the ultimate lifting and firming. The process targets blemishes and fine lines. The innovative needle-free electroporation system helps with the penetration of the peptide serum (extracted from starfish) into the mesoderm where it reinvigorates the cells and tones up loose skin as a result. Coupled with an aquamarine ice stone therapy, a radio frequency lifting treatment further firms up the flabby spots. You wake up with a taut and firm feeling that comes with added luminosity.

90 mins / Bht 7,500+

Andaman Ultra Glow

Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio-detox Facial Cleansing / Microdermabrasion Ultra Peeling / Juventide Immortal Mesotherapy / Acupressure Points Facial Detox / Aquamarine Ice Stone Face Lift /Placenta Thermal Reju Mask

Using Dii's signature anti-ageing technique, this facial sets out to return a sustainable glow through microdermabrasion (to buff away dead skin cells) and "Juventide Immortal Mesotherapy" (for skin elasticity). The key lies in the application of peptide extract (from starfish) that is penetrated into the deeper layers of skin through an electroporator to enhance skin rejuvenation and bump up the circulation. Nagging issues like fine lines and sagginess get booted out and youthfulness returns thanks to an aquamarine ice stone facelift and placenta thermal mask.

90 mins / Bht 7,500+

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