Through intravenous therapy and transfusion, the Bio Detox program treats the body with special saline concoction, comprising EDTA, vitamin, and minerals that are crucial for absorbing toxic residue such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and excessive calcium, which are left on tissues and vessel walls. As these harmful elements are cleansed out of the body via the excretory system, the program also minimizes blood vessel inflammation and reduces the level of toxic in the body, which facilitates blood circulation and reduces the risk of heart disease. The treatment also minimizes the production of oxidant and cholesterol accumulation in the vessel walls, which prevents cancer, cell deterioration, allergy, and numbness.

Bht 5,000+


Liver Detox

Stress, sleep-deprivation, and unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, and unhealthy diet can weaken the body's immune system and enable toxic accumulation. These practices also force liver to work harder than usual, which can cause diseases and harmful symptoms such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, diabetes, cancer, as well as the accumulation of fat in liver and vessel walls. The IV transfusion of saline concoction, formulated from vitamin, minerals, and amino acid, will generate various types of enzymes in the body, especially glutathione which effectively performs detoxification. Moreover, the treatment will strengthen the immune system and skin tissues, boost collagen and elastin production, and counter germs and others unwanted substances.

Bht 5,000+

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