Cell Booster

The formula of healthy skin diet aims at eradicating oxidant from the cell to organ levels. It helps repair and revive cells, as well as accelerating metabolism and digestion. The program also boosts the generation of bio-chemical substance necessary for cell rejuvenation, enhancing the performance of immune system for every organ.

Bht 3,000+


Immune Booster

The program combines Mega Dose Vit C with anti-oxidant and minerals, and feeds into the body through IV transfusion for fast healing and recovery. The treatment caters especially for people who are prone to cold and influenza infection, chronic illness, and tiredness. For those who maintain good health, the program helps prevent and repair cell deterioration, strengthen the immune system, and enhance healthy complexion. The treatment also helps minimize risks of arthritis, gout, and heart disease, while healing cancer patients.

Bht 5,000+


Amino Plus

The program uses concentrated protein necessary for the body to boost the performance of nervous system. While maintaining the system's attentiveness, the program helps enhance the efficiency of vessels and blood circulation, which facilitates the detoxification process. This results in a full and refreshed body recovery, generating youthfulness and freshness. The program is perfect for people who carry the weight of wearisome and tension from work and travel, as it gives a fast rejuvenation and instant fitness.

Bht 5,000+


Skin Food

This treatment program offers more than 20 vitamins and minerals necessary for perfect complexion, such as high grade marine collagen complex, pine bark extract, and black currant seed oil. The combo helps minimize wrinkles and premature aging, prevent damages from pollution, and enhance the complexion's smoothness and natural whiteness.

Bht 6,500+


Super Perfect White

Stress, long term taken medicine or over-exercise, these are the factors of aging skin or accumulated oxidants. In this program, vitamins, growth factors like glutathione, vitamin c, vitamin e, and coenzyme q 10 and necessary food substances, are input through vein intravenous dipping in order to revitalize and tone deteriorated cells, eradicate toxic, boost the generation of collagen for healthy looking with brightening skin.

Bht 7,500+

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