Facial Treat Cellular Therapy



Face Cell

This program treats skin cells with the natural Homeotherapy combo formula, aiming at detoxicating, strengthening, and preventing cell deterioration. The formula includes multi-vitamin complex, minerals, enzyme, and cellular therapeutic substances such as placenta and collagen. The treatment helps eradicate toxic from skin, which is the cause of wrinkles, and boosts the cell repairing process. Moreover, the program maintains balance and strengthens immune system to prevent future cell deterioration as part of the aging process.

Bht 5,500+


Matrix Cell

This program applies the principle of dermis cell treatment and recovery by nourishing skin with Homeopathy formula which combines concentrated collagen and primary components of cellular skin restructuring. Based on the natural anti-aging principle, the treatment improves cell tissue flexibility, enhances cell and collagen generation and repairing to reduce wrinkles, as well as tightening facial shape. For those with inflammable acne problems and oily skin type, the Matrix Cell program helps suppress acne inflammation and oil production to minimize oily condition. For best results, pairing this treatment with Face Cell is recommended for a complete counter-aging process.

Bht 8,000+


Anti Melanin

In this program, necessary food substances, vitamins, and other growth factors are injected directly into the cells to revitalize and tone deteriorated cells, eradicate toxic, boost the generation of collagen, and improve absorption. Over all, this treatment offers a long-term solution to skin problems.

Bht 5,000+


Facial Fat

The treatment helps disintegrate fat, maintain balance, and accelerate fat-burning process especially around the facial area such as under eyes, cheeks, and neck. The program also strengthens muscles, reduces the size of fat cells, and tightening specific skin areas

Bht 5,000+

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