Facial Treatment - Lift Up & Rejuvenate



Filler Type A / Type B (per Syringe)

The program offers an instant natural beauty boost by applying the clear Hyaluronic acid crystal gel, which improves water absorption. The treatment effectively fulfills unevenness, deep tear ducts, dark circles, aging lines on lips and cheeks. The first treatment session promptly shows noticeable results, which will last 6 – 18 months.

Bht 20,000+ - 25,000+


Botulinum Botox - A/B (per unit)

Proved to be popular in more than 70 countries worldwide, the pure protein extract from Botulinum Type A1 revives the complexion's youthfulness. Botox relaxes the tension of tiny muscles, which cause wrinkles, and mends facial unevenness such as wrinkles on nose bridge and nose tip, as well as lifting nose tip. The program also treats deep check lines, wrinkles around the lips, neck wrinkles, and tightens facial skin to revive youthfulness. The treatment yields visible results in 2 weeks, and will last 6 - 18 months.

Bht 300+ / 400+


Natural Face Lift - V Line (per Thread)

A true beauty therapy for supreme lifting, reshaping and natural anti-aging using 90 mm. long Polydioxanone (PDO). These fine treads are generally used in cardiovascular surgery. With this new beauty technological therapy, these fine treads give facial re-structure and simultaneously stimulate collagen regeneration. This therapy almost does not have side effects or trauma. Result is immediate with much less down time. This process of collagen proliferation around the treads will result in naturally lift up of facial muscles, skin brightening, facial reshaping and a longer younger look.

Bht 2,000+


Acne-scar Subsition (1spot/S<10/M<15/L>15)

Get rid of the acne scan by using subsition technique, this treatment is suitable for those who have acne scar. Down time can occur by the amount of subsition area. Recommend continuing at least 5 sessions until the scar shallow

Bht 500+ /3,000+/5,000+/8,000+

*Prices are subject to 7% VAT