Empress of the SeaEmpress of the Sea

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Anti Age Golden Pearl Body Scrub / Detoxify Aromatic Steam Juventide Concentrated Body Collagen / Placenta Meso Skin Therapy / Radio Frequency Ultra Body Lifting Champagne Foam Anti Age Body Soak / Dead Sea Purity Ocean Bath


Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio-detox Facial Cleansing / Juventide Immortal Mesotherapy Acupressure Facial Detox Massage / Radio Frequency Ultra Lifting / Aquamarine Ice Stone Face Lift / Skin Repair Facial Sensitive Mask

This deluxe anti-ageing therapy benefits the entire body from head to toe, resulting in a charismatic glow akin to that of the Empress of the Sea. An electroporation procedure aids the penetration of the peptide serum (juventide obtained from starfish) into the mesoderm. The remedial properties of Andaman peptides are massaged to restore radiance and elasticity. A non-invasive radio frequency skin tightening treatment rewards you with that perfect toned-up, lifted look and invigorated cells. Pure pampering isn't complete without a champagne bath that nourishes, a golden pearl scrub for brighter skin and an aquamarine ice stone facial to minimise flabby spots and stimulate that "forever young" state of well-being.

300 mins / THB 22,500


Andaman La LunarAndaman La Lunar

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / White Pearl Glowing Body Scrub Detoxify Aromatic Steam / O2 Hydradermabrasion Sensitive Peel / Juventide Concentrated Body Collagen Marine Enzyme Mega Boost Body Mask / Detox Infrared Body Cocoon


Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio-detox Facial Cleansing / Microdermabrasion Ultra Peeling Juventide Immortal Mesotherapy / Acupressure Points Facial Detox / Aquamarine Ice Stone Face Lift Placenta Thermal Rejuvenate Mask

This lavish, purifying therapy combines the bountiful beauty boosters from under the turquoise ocean with the latest in aesthetic medicine to create a totally pampering experience that's like a snooze in the undersea cocoon of a caring oceanic empress. The process pays off with a luscious aura. The entire body benefits from a comprehensive body treatment and a brightening facial to whip up the ultra glow. Aside from the main staples of Dii's signature therapy (a red marine algae body scrub, aromatic steam and massage), the process incorporates an O2 hydradermabrasion technique to exfoliate the top layer of the skin, open blocked pores and activate luminosity. The brightening properties of concentrated juventide body collagen (containing Andaman peptide serum) are then massaged to stimulate luminosity and circulation. The luxurious facial that follows adds a perfect glow and ensures deep skin relaxation through a juventide mesotherapy to improve elasticity and the amazing aquamarine ice stone facelift for pure bliss.

270 mins / THB 18,500


Ayurveda Black MarineAyurveda Black Marine

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Black Jade Healing Therapy / Airnergy O2 Treatment Juventide Collagen Warm Compress / Shirodara & Hair Treatment & Scalp Massage Red Marine Algae Mega Boost Hair Retreat / Authentic Herbal Steam


Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio-detox Facial Cleansing / Marine Enzyme Facial Scrub Black Jade Stone Energetic Treatment / Aquamarine Ice Stone Face Lift / Placenta Thermal Rejuvenate Mask

This unique pick-me-up represents Dii's magical mantra of spiritual calm inspired by the Oriental healing wisdom. The treatment rebalances and revitalises at a cellular level by tapping the restorative power of heated black jade massage. A superior state of bliss is attained through an ancient Ayurvedic healing technique called Shirodara: warm medicated oils are poured onto the third eye. The procedure keeps every organ energised and in balance. Along with a detoxifying oxygen infusion, skin rejuvenation is stimulated with a juventide collagen massage. Top it all off with an aquamarine quartz facial that enhances circulation and tones up skin. You emerge with a sense of youthfulness and gentle lusters.

240 mins / THB 15,500

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