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Sensitive Aqua O2

Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio‐detox Facial Cleansing / O2 Hydradermabrasion Sensitive Peel /Acupressure Facial Detox Massage / Skin Repair Facial Sensitive Mask

Recommended for the highly sensitive skin, this facial offers a pure oxygen treatment through an O2 hydradermabrasion technique to remove the impurities without causing skin concerns. An acupressure facial detox massage stimulates the circulation and collagen production and restores a youthful look as a result. A skin repair mask finishes off the job by improving skin elasticity and strength and is a safe procedure for even the sensitive skin.

70 mins / Bht 3,500+


Marine Collagen Firming

Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio‐detox Aqua Facial Cleansing / Radio Frequency Ultra Lifting / Marine Collagen Facial Lift Massage / Algae Peptide Collagen Mask

This unique facial has a beneficial effect on the structure, tone and texture of facial skin and ushers in a sense of youthfulness.


The skin nourishing session incorporates an innovative radio frequency lifting technique that effectively addresses saggy spots by restoring tension and elasticity. The healing benefits of the marine collagen are then gently massaged to optimise moisture and balance.

70 mins / Bht 3,500+


Andaman Radiance Rejuvenate

Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio‐detox Aqua Facial Cleansing / Microdermabrasion Ultra Peeling / Marine Collagen Facial Bright Massage / Skin Repair Facial Sensitive Mask

This superior facial uses microdermabrasion with a diamond head wand, a cutting‐edge facial procedure, to remove outer layers of dead skin through a systematic exfoliation and delivers instant, quick results. Then, marine collage is massaged into the skin to improve its elasticity, tension and moisture and stimulate the circulation. Targeting fine lines and stretch marks, the process enhances the production of collagen and improves the structure of collagen fibers. It will also make problems such as big open pores and uneven skin disappear.

70 mins / Bht 3,500+

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