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Juventide Immortal Anti-age

Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio‐detox Aqua Facial Cleansing / O2 Hydradermabrasion Skin Peel / Juventide Immortal Facial Bright Massage / Aquamarine Ice Stone Face Lift / Placenta Thermal Rejuvenate Mask

This luxurious, complex signature facial is a truly effective anti‐aging trilogy. First a hydradermabrasion procedure gently peels off dead cells on the epidermis while oxygenating skin. A juventide immortal facial massage combines the peptide serum (a natural retinol formula obtained from starfish) with the fluid rhythmic movements to reduce the appearance of fine lines and brighten skin. An aquamarine ice stone facelift completes the three‐part process by targeting specific dull spots to improve skin elasticity, tone and shape. This is the superior facelift that works its magic on ageing skin and delivers the results so close to eternal beauty.

80 mins / Bht 5,500+


Juventide Ultra Lift

Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio‐detox Facial Cleansing / Juventide Immortal Mesotherapy / Acupressure Facial Detox Massage / Radio Frequency Ultra Lifting / Aquamarine Ice Stone Face Lift /Skin Repair Facial Sensitive Mask

This luxurious signature facial harnesses the magic of medical technology to provide the ultimate lifting and firming. The process targets blemishes and fine lines. The innovative needle‐free electroporation system helps with the penetration of the peptide serum (extracted from starfish) into the mesoderm where it reinvigorates the cells and tones up loose skin as a result. Coupled with an aquamarine ice stone therapy, a radio frequency lifting treatment further firms up the flabby spots. You wake up with a taut and firm feeling that comes with added luminosity.

90 mins / Bht 7,500+


Andaman Ultra Glow

Facial Sensory Therapy / Bio‐detox Facial Cleansing / Microdermabrasion Ultra Peeling / Juventide Immortal Mesotherapy / Acupressure Points Facial Detox / Aquamarine Ice Stone Face Lift / Placenta Thermal Rejuvenate Mask

Using Dii's signature anti‐ageing technique, this facial sets out to return a sustainable glow through microdermabrasion (to buff away dead skin cells) and "Juventide Immortal Mesotherapy" (for skin elasticity). The key lies in the application of peptide extract (from starfish) that is penetrated into the deeper layers of skin through an electroporator to enhance skin rejuvenation and bump up the circulation. Nagging issues like fine lines and sagginess get booted out and youthfulness returns thanks to an aquamarine ice stone facelift and placenta thermal mask.

90 mins / Bht 7,500+

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