Spa Ambrosia

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Bend & Stretch Passive Yoga Massage / Detoxify Warm Cocoon Body Cover

This therapy tackles stress directly with balancing and detoxifying benefits. The process involves a passive yoga massage to ease tension right from the back up to the neck. A spell in a cocoon-like electric warm blanket helps goose the blood.

120 mins / Bht 4,500+


Firming Aphrodite

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Abhyanga Body Shape Massage / Radio Frequency Firming Body Lift / Marine Enzyme Mega Boost Body Mask

The whole body from head to toe benefits from the invigorating Indian-style "abhyanga" massage for an ultimate lifting aided by a radio frequency firming machine. Skin nourishment is provided by a marine enzyme body mask that promotes luminosity and vitality.

150 mins / Bht 5,900+


Black Jade Marine Placenta

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Gum Honey Brightening Body Scrub / Black Jade Healing Therapy / Nano Placenta Body Mask

The entire body reaps the rewards of a remedial hot black jade massage that reinvigorates and detoxifies. The process combines a gum honey brightening body scrub and nano placenta body mask that work towards a youthful and glowing look.

150 mins / Bht 6,500+


Spa Silky Cocoon

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Aromatic Detoxify Silky Steam / Rejuvenate Pomegranate Body Scrub / Golden Silk Moisturizing Massage / Detox Infrared Body Cocoon / Golden Cocoon Luminous Bath

Imagine yourself wrapped around in a silk cocoon. This treatment conjures that scenario as it accelerates skin rejuvenation through an anti-ageing technique. The process involves a pomegranate fresh scrub that revitalises and a golden silk moisturising massage using silicin, a potent anti-oxidant that ensures soft and velvety skin. The highlight is a spell in a "super detox body cocoon", an electric blanket that activates the circulation.

180 mins / Bht 7,900+


Marine Peptide Nirvana

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Anti Age Golden Pearl Body Scrub / Honey Collagen Body Cover / Red Marine Algae Mega Boost Hair Retreat / Detoxify Aromatic Steam / Marine Peptide Warm Aromatic Massage / Aromatic O2 Bath

This luxurious full body treatment sets out the path to nirvana. The totally pampering session begins with a "golden pearl" body scrub to encourage regeneration of cells and prevent melanin production. The entire body from head to toe benefits from a honey collagen body wrap that moisturises and nourishes. A red marine algae treatment makes your tresses gleam. Warm aromatic marine peptide oils are massaged into the body, helping to eliminate free radicals, goose the blood, soften and brighten skin. You emerge feeling like a million dollars.

210 mins / Bht 8,500+

*Prices are subject to 7% VAT