Aquarius Aromatic Therapy

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Organic Aromatic Massage / O2 Hydradermabrasion

The ultimate pick-me-up harmonises body and mind through an organic aromatic massage using warm organic essential oils that work wonders to your skin. The therapy incorporates the "airnergy" system, or a hydradermabrasion procedure to encourage the penetration of oxygen into deeper layers of skin. In just a nap, free radicals get booted out, tension is released and the aches disappear.

120 mins / Bht 5,500+


Airnergy De-Stress

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Organic Anti Stress Massage / Airnergy O2 Treatment

Say good-bye to stress with this organic de-stressing massage that's perfect for the insomniac and the weary soul as it stimulates a profound sense of relaxation and calm, emotionally and physically. The "airnergy" procedure helps with the penetration of pure oxygen and rids your body of accumulated stress and fatigue. The experience inspires a sense of well-being from the inside out.

90 mins / Bht 3,500+


Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Lymphatic Drainage Massage / Super Detox Body Cocoon

Additional detoxification technique for Lymphatic drainage, Detox massage is another method, combination with warm infrared cocoon; enhance the result for truly detoxification for holistic system.

90 mins / Bht 3,500+

*Prices are subject to 7% VAT