Organic Warm Aromatic

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Organic Warm Aromatic Massage

Bring your body back to peak condition with a soothing full body aromatic massage combined with warm essential oils for a sense of deep relaxation. The process leaves your skin feeling soft and velvety,

90 mins / Bht 2,500+


Organic Herb Compress

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Organic Detox Herbal Compress

Both body and soul benefit from a relaxing traditional Thai massage complemented with the soothing and healing effects of a hot herbal compress to get rid of all the aches. The process stimulates circulation, combats inflamed skin and eliminates free radicals that cause premature aging.

90 mins / Bht 2,500+


Organic Massage Lover

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Bend & Stretch Passive Yoga Massage

Bid farewell to stress and anxiety with the luxury of relaxing in a "passive yoga" massage as a natural therapy to rebalance, both physically and emotionally. Combined with warm organic essential oils for each type of skin, the process is designed for those wanting a massage with medium-to-strong pressure to carry away accumulated stress and fatigue, goose the blood and boost skin elasticity.

90 mins / Bht 2,900+


Juventide Collagen Serum

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Juventide Concentrated Body Collagen

This luxurious body treatment provides a quick and instant pick-me-up with concentrated juventide collagen massaged into the entire body to activate circulation, combat signs of aging and skin pigmentation disorders. You're rewarded with a glowing youthful look.

90 mins / Bht 3,500+


Black Jade Healing

Ashiyu Foot Therapy / Black Jade Healing Massage

Known for harnessing natural life-giving energy, black jade, a symbol of calmness and serenity, is heated and combined with a relaxing healing massage to boost circulation and eliminate the free radicals deemed the real culprit for premature ageing. The process alleviates anxiety, reinvigorates and rebalances.

90 mins / Bht 3,500+


Office Syndrome Remedy

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Head, Back & Shoulders Stress Relieve Massage)(Long Stroke Deep Sleep Massage)(Phikat Bua Compress)

Combat the busy life and restrain yourself by the help of this remarkable treatment. A combined technique treating the back, shoulders and head, this remedy finalizes the treat with serene long stroke of deep massage, thus energizing and soothing the body. It also focuses on pinching and pressing on acupressure points to help ease the stress. The method will gradually apply reviving remedy to help you break free from the social stress of life.

120 mins / Bht 2,950+


Pregnancy Panacea Therapy

(Ashiyu Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot Toner)(Warm Sweet Almond Body Massage)(SattaSalt Hot Compress)

Suitable for 4-6 months of Pregnancy.

A delicate body work that involves the application of pressure to the reflex zones. This massage provides worry free as the treatment is carefully designed to treat women who are in prenatal stage provided after the first tri-mester of pregnancy, treatment is meticulously approached to use Divana's organic sweet almond massage oil, Achieving a truly awakening and invigorating effect on mind and body while carrying precious one in thy womb.

120 mins / Bht 2,950+

*Prices are subject to 7% VAT